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Theres a Man in the Woods Theres a Man in the Woods

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's been a while since I last saw/heard such a well narrated story. The syncronization between the characters and their speaking was awesome, the style in which Michael Ho speaks adds inmensely to the story's atmosphere. The sounds also were well picked and placed. I enjoyed watching this very much. Keep up the good work guys!

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Capt.Japan saves America Capt.Japan saves America

Rated 5 / 5 stars

All my 5 Are belong to this!

What a great parody, a comedial great piece of work. Slightly lagged at some scenes but I think that fault is on my end. Great animation!

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Romanticide Ep1 Romanticide Ep1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

We...want...more...WEEE.... NEED MOOORE...!!!!

A whole year!? You can't do that! Dea and I will haunt you if your pen doesnt start scribbling right now. And we do know where your house is...atleast Dea does :P

Seriously, you got a great plot and film there, so creepy yet so cute, even funny in a way. I saw also Romanticide, and seriously, this got potential. Your drawnings, the style, the sounds, all are exactly the way they should be.
By the way, I recommend not using the chibby style except maybe for the credits as you did in this one, as it could and probably would destroy its...seriousness, the perception and way of looking at things of it. It would turn also too cute, too anime style. Maybe you can bring it in certain scenes, but keep to the style displayed in here, as it is, in my humble oppinion, the best way to present this wonderful piece of work.
Cheers brother.

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And TheRaven Brought Fire: No Evil 002 And TheRaven Brought Fire: No Evil 002

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great artistic work, combining both unique design/art with a good song and topped with a meanful story. Too bad defeating Tezcatlipoca took its toll, but every great battle comes with a great(er) sacrifice.
Keep up the good work.

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Back To Tamriel Back To Tamriel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just awesome! This is a masterpiece of art and comedy! The singing was great, the lyrics hilarious, the animations (adapted) perfectly. So many scenes that I laughted I wont even count them up. Also really like the artwork, like when the guy blushes or the pet female crab xD

Visitors, bypassers, residents and total foreigner to Tamriel, all thy should hear this Masterpiece.

Top score, and gonna be one of my favourites. Good job all

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Galactic Raptor Galactic Raptor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This ain't crap mate, I find it a pretty original, and well thought flash and idea. And if you hadn't wrote it, I would have thought the "bad" quality in the final part was meant to be. Im pretty sure it partially was meant to be. Anyways, nice going

Simple Coloring in Flash Simple Coloring in Flash

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Haha neat, and you freestyled it?

Really not bad. And a great idea overall. Sure, graphics aint superb, and maybe some more frames in the flash screen, with sharper quality for the icons, wouldn't have hurt, but together with the song one knows what to do. So yeah, I would say your project is not perfect, but a complete success, atleast its my 5 bucks worth

the Last of the Dashkin the Last of the Dashkin

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Different...neither really worse nor really better

First of all, its great to see again another Bitey movie and that you didnt want to "abandon" us (as we aint abandoning you), you make alot of people happy and make us dream even if only for some minutes, so... yeah, thanks.

2nd I just read Darkaxl's comment and he's kinda right yet kinda wrong. I agree that the music overpowered the narration at some points, sound is indeed sometimes more important than the animation and you might really have been kinda rushed (of course I dont know it but if I think how long you had for your other bitey's it IS a difference in time and that most times has a influence).I dont think though that the narration idea is necessarily a bad idea, it's just...different. Sure of course you could say "It's not the same anymore" or "It tells too much, gets the mysticism out of the tales" etc etc, yet don't we strive to know about everything in a story from a book? Don't we want to know the past, present and future, the how, why, when and what? how the story ends? (of course we want that the story never ends :P) As said its neither good or bad, it got its positive and negative sides. The originals or the changes? Do we want to stay in the dark, enigmatic unknown or step forward, discover, learn and understand why things are the way they are? So I guess in the end it's everyone's individual oppinion.

I personally somewhat liked the narration, it leaves one in suspense, yet I wouldnt have minded at all if there wasnt any. I must say though, IF there's gotta be speeches then only narrations and NOT more. It would really be crap now if Bitey started speaking x)
I dont think Emma made it badly, sure could have been better, more...elvish and not so harsh, dry, but she still hit the needle pretty well on the head, I've heard narrations a thousand times worse (without exaggeration) also the choice of the words is pretty good aswell.

The animations are as always mesmerizing, beautiful and just fantastic.

Same goes to the music, if not even better, more....enchanting, emotionally/fantastically captivating.

Heck, this might be my longest review for anything in my life, so much about quietness. Yet again something as special as a Bitey movie deserves the upmost attention.

So in summary:

Animation: Awesome
Music: Wonderful
Animation-sound harmony: Pretty ok/good
Originality/Idea: You keep surprising us
Narration: coin-flip


chluaid responds:

Great review Taranos, thanks for that. I particularly like the bit where you said:

"Do we want to stay in the dark, enigmatic unknown or step forward, discover, learn and understand why things are the way they are?"

The latter is my reason for making this one and my motivation for doing more. Thanks again.

It's about time... It's about time...

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Same as what the others wrote

It didnt make much or any sense at all to me neither in the beginning (just like the Bueno Vista flash, so double-time a big "WtF!?!?"), good thing you explained in your comment, which for me and probably for a bunch of others made this short flash from a big flop to a great, meaningful piece of work. Good work friend.

P.S. I love the sounds somehow familiar....just love it.

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Gone Too Far Gone Too Far

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Well I would say all that time, work, new comps and broken tablets paid off, and I would say you couldnt have picken up a better ending, atleast better than Dicks popping out (I know that was upmost funny <.<) , and you seriously got me now in suspense about that, my guess, zombie who shot them, gives it a really.... unexpected twist to the story. Artwork/Graphics and music are good/matched. In short terms, great job man, great job

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